Q:Why the MDVR device cannot start?

A:Check the device input power to see if the power wiring is correct, if there is ground wire connected back to the battery, and if the fuse of the power wire is n good condition; 
Check whether there is voltage(more than 7V) on power input ACC signal wire; 
Check whether the hard disk key is locked well.


Q:How to solve the problem of the splash screen after the analog camera is connected to the MDVR?

A:Check whether the recording mode of the device is matched to the camera: Must be the same PAL OR NTSC


Q:What the Max. capacity can the SD card of MDVR or body worn camera  support?

A:128G. So far we test with 32G ,64G 128 GB SD card. The 256G and 512G on market use new standards. Although it supports larger SD card theoretically, there will be compatibility issues. 


Q:What is the WIFI transferring speed?

A:Built-in WIFI: theoretically, 802.11N can reach up to 300Mb. During video downloading, the built-in point-to-point download speed is only 2.5 MB/S. Actually it transfers

at 1 MB/S if there are three or more built-in WIFI device transferring at the same time. The more devices, the more slowly. It is recommended to download data within two

devices at the same time; 


Q:What is the WIFI transferring distance?

A:2.4GHZ can be transferred about 100m outside. To achieve better effect we need to transfer within 50m.