RECODA Body cameras deployed for AIR CHINA


Recently  clashes between  the  Aircraft Crews and the  passengers happens often . we often hear the news  about these kind of  conflicts

To record the evidence   is one of the biggest issues concerning by the  airline companies .

From the  year 2020 ,the  air china staffs will wear the RECODA body worn  cameras to record  what happens  . Work more efficiently while collecting indisputable video evidence

that can protect  the aircraft crews against false claims . Encourage good behavior from the crews  reinforcing overall professional conduct.


RECODA  M505 body cameras

 12 hours  battery time  for one charging ,which  is  sufficient for most of  the  Short and medium-haul flight.

  • With  IR to work at night time

the IR of the body cameras  turn on  automatically  when t the lamps been turned off.

 in  the overnight flight ,

  • Docking station to upload the  recording /Evidence when go back to the office

The crews  off duty ,they just  plug the  body cameras to the docking station ,will upload all the   recording /Evidence  automatically, allow  the crews  to  search  the events by time  by officer ID  and other  ways .