RECODA 4G body cameras customized for the Philippine Land Transportation Office were officially delivered

The 4G law enforcement body worn camera and  software management platform customized for LTO Philippines  formally completed the project delivery and technical training in March 2020

In June2019, after many rounds of product testing and technical answering, the customer finally chose RECODA as the product and technology supplier of the  body worn cameras  and data acquisition equipment of the Philippine Land Transport Agency. We customized 4G mobile law enforcement products and software solutions for customers according to project requirements and technical requirements.

LTO  Philippines Law enforcement officers  wear Recoda  4g body cameras to ensure road traffic order and deal with violators who do not comply with the regulations of the Ministry of Transport.The whole law enforcement activity is recorded in real time by the law enforcement recorder, which can be used to resolve disputes and build trust with the community by preserving a record of critical events.Once a dispute occurs in the work, it can play back the recording and better resolve the conflict.

The 4 G  body camera  support to connect 4 G/WIFI,  real-time video and audio transmission by 4G or wifi . voice intercom, group call, and remote video playback.To improve the transparency of law enforcement and staff protection and supervision.

Besides NFC recognition, two-way video calls and so on, RECODA 4G mobile law enforcement solutions have added a number of advanced smart applications, such as license plate recognition, face recognition. Wireless charging .RECODA  integrate the top domestic facial recognition technology , which can support local comparison  and also online  comparison on RECODA  CMS software system .