H.265 4G body worn camera with face recognition optional

M520 is an andriod system body camera with 4G gps wifi optional . RECODA pioneered the Dual ChipTechnology. H.265 High performance code technology . AES 256 Encryption andadvanced Face Recognition solution.

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M520 is an andriod  system  body  camera   with 4G gps wifi optional . RECODA   pioneered the  Dual ChipTechnology.

Wireless Transmisson

Ensure Officer and Command & Dispatch Center get the right information immediately

4G/ WIFI Live Streaming

Stream video anywhere to ensure quicker response and increase situational awareness.

GPS Real-time tracking 

Real-time tracking,trace playback

Wireless Charing

Do not need to connect the USB or  cable ,The  most advanced charging technology in the  body camera  product line .

Digital Intercom

Talk over cellular with other 4G BWCs and Command Center.

AI Facial Recognition

AI Facial Recognition and car plate number recognittion

Front & Back Dual cameras
Front and Back dual cameras for different application environment.


Encryption technology to protect data security

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