Law Enforcement Agency

Body-worn camera is used by Creating a record for evidence between the Law Enforcement Agency (e.g., Patrol, Traffice, Police and other first responders) and the Pubic.
The camera offers potential advantages in keeping officers safe, improving community relations and accountability, and providing evidence for trial.

M510 Police Body worn Camera

4G/3G WIFI Live view

Built in 4G, GPS, WIFI module, then determined that it wouldn’t be a normal camera. bring you Google- maps Live location ,live video and intercom in the Monitor center by 4G or WIFI.

12 hours working time

Built in lithium 4000 MAH battery, with long using time, max support 12hours.

128GB Storage

Micro-SD for recording up to 128GB.

IP 67 weatherproof

M510 is designed as IP67 weatherproof ,it is fine to work in the water or heavy raining . and two Meters drop proof .

140 degree wide view angel

140 degree wide view angel to capture the super wide angel recording.

Alarm button with multiple function

Quick press SOS alarm button, then the management will receive the alert.

Pre and Last record function

Pre and Last record function to record the 10 sec pre and the last record .

8/12 Bay Docking Station

Docking Station is used for automatic data downloading , which syncs data from Police Body-worn camera during charging.
Video, Audio, Photo are downloaded directly the local hard disk and uploaded to Digital Evidence Management System automatically. RECODA 8/12Bay Docking Station can be as a data storage base.
Undoubtedly our Docking Station saves your time by eliminating unnecessary manual processes.

Digital Evidence Management System

All the data downloaded by Docking Station uploads to Digital Evidence Management System, it is able to classify different files according to department categories.